In order to keep up with customer demand we opened a Mystic in Kallithea. Now we can serve the needs of more of our customers in other Athens regions! Unfortunately we still cannot fulfill orders in Pangrati, Peristeri, Chalandri and Glyfada. We are interested in finding the right investors to collaborate in a network of franchises.

Our goals are to create mid-sized shops (40 to 80 square meter stores) in order to maintain a certain aesthetic balance. We want our customers to feel warmth, direct contact with us and comfort, and not the isolation so prevalent in our times! Soon we will introduce Mystic Bio Bread, Mystic Bio Sweets and other 100% Organic natural products to stores near you!

For more information Tel. 210 3839500
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10 percent off for bikers at Mystic Pizza!


Alex from Paris-Amores Perros Live

The Slice of Jazz @ Mystic Tuesdays Music